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Smooth implementation of classic Samegame. Clear the field by clicking groups of same colors.

Click groups of three or more blocks to remove them. Clear field completely to advance to next level. There are three specials available as well. Use specials with care as number of these is limited.

You might want to try newer titles Samegame Hexagonized and Samegame Charged too!

Mouse only. Click to remove groups of three or more blocks. The larger the group, the more you gain points.

Dorothy | Nov. 26 2010

I still canít get to the game.  Every link I click brings me back to this page.  Whatís the secret?
Running Fx 3.6*, winblows XP, AdBlock enabled, Javascript enabled, NoScript allowing full domains by default . Venia jugando re bien y ahora no puedo encontrar el juego. Debo comprar el permiso. muchas gracias

Jussi Kari | Oct. 06 2010

DPA09: No, I have never played Clickomania and Clickomania was not the first one of this kind. This game type was probably first invented in 1985 and it was back then released with the name Chain Shot! by Kuniaki Moribe.

DPA09 | Oct. 01 2010

It’s a rip off of the freeware game Clickomania by Matthias SchŁssler.

Cindy M | Aug. 11 2010

Much easier and faster than playing on TiVo!  Thanks

the benz | Mar. 20 2010

NINTH AGAIN! liking it…

the benz | Mar. 20 2010

I like the samegame. I made it to #9! On my 1st try! Yes!

Nicole | Dec. 16 2009

Thank you for feeding my inner tile-matching beast!

Jennifer | Oct. 27 2009

lets get down and cracking

iuliana | Sep. 03 2009

I like this game a lot

terry leon powell | Jul. 27 2009

Let play!

terry leon powell | Jul. 27 2009

Can we start playing the games.

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